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Sweetbriar Rose Quilt Release Day!!

The Sweetbriar Rose Quilt, held up on aa scenic bridge

It’s finally here!! The Sweetbriar Rose Quilt pattern (available in my Etsy shop) is out into the world! I’m SO excited to see what you all do with this super fun and versatile pattern.

The Sweetbriar Rose Quilt is my very first quilt pattern which I wrote in late fall 2020/early winter 2021 after attending Amber of Alderwood Studio’s premiere Pattern Writing Academy.

I came up with the design one day after playing around in PreQuilt and loved the design that was made using Half-Square Triangles (HSTs) with snowball corners. I loved that in this order, they formed a perfect diamond shape that was echoed three times in the center of the block. I knew I was onto something!

When trying to come up with a name for the pattern (always the trickiest part!), my first temporary name was “Diamond in the Rough.” But I thought that could potentially be too common of a name so I wanted something more unique. As I looked at the image I had created, I initially saw the snowball corners as kind of prickly points around the center diamond. This made me think of a cactus, or a prickly pear, and then I thought of briar and roses. I did a little research and found out about the Sweetbriar Rose. The name just seemed perfect! It’s a rose that has a stem bearing numerous “hooked prickles” ( How serendipitous!

This pattern is for the intermediate or confident beginner quilter and is a block-based quilt that comes in four sizes:

  • Pillow - 18” x 18”

  • Baby - 36” x 36”

  • Throw - 54” x 54”

  • Twin - 72” x 90”

The finished Sweetbriar Rose pillowThe finished baby size Sweetbriar Rose quiltThe finished throw size Sweetbriar Rose quiltClose up of the stitching on the second baby size quilt

As seen in the gallery above, I made four versions of the pattern: a pillow, two baby sizes and one throw size. Continue reading for the fabrics that I used for my versions!


A display of the fabric used in the pillow

All fabrics for this version were purchased from Hawthorne Supply Co.

  • Fabric A: Kensington Gardens in Navy, designed by Shannon McNab for Hawthorne Supply Co

  • Fabric B: Solid in Cream, designed by Hawthorne Supply Co

  • Fabric C: Little Sweethearts in Geranium, designed by Hawthorne Supply Co

  • Fabric D: Feathered Herringbone in Ink, designed by Hawthorne Supply Co

  • Fabric E and Backing: Serpentine Dot in Citron Green, designed by Shannon McNab for Hawthorne Supply Co

First Baby Size

A swirl of the fabric used in the baby size quilt

Fabrics were a mix from my stash with others ordered from online stores:

  • Fabric A: Premium Broadcloth in Sage (from

  • Fabric B: Wilmington Prints Essentials White-Lite (from

  • Fabric C: Cotton + Steel, Rifle Paper Co. English Garden Meadow in Blue (stash)

  • Fabric D: Kona Cotton in Coal (from

  • Fabric E: Cotton + Steel, Rifle Paper Co. Wonderland Cheshire Stripe White, designed by Rifle Paper Co (from

  • Backing: Laurel Daring from the Luna & Laurel collection by Art Gallery Fabrics (seen in last image at bottom of this post)

Throw Size

The throw size quilt draped over a stone railing

My throw size version is the based on the cover version which I mocked up in PreQuilt. I was initially inspired by a shower curtain we own that has a mix of teal and red/red-orange, but when I saw the recent Luna & Laurel collection from Art Gallery Fabrics, I knew that would match perfectly! All fabrics, including the backing, are from this collection.

  • Fabric A: Mindful Paths

  • Fabric B: White Peppered Cotton (not from Luna & Laurel)

  • Fabric C: Solasta Specks

  • Fabric D: Infinity Reflections

  • Fabric E: Stardust

  • Backing: Tinted Blooms

Second Baby Size

The fabric for the second baby size quilt before it was finished

The fabrics for my last version were a curated fabric bundle put together especially for me for this quilt by Victoria @midlife_quilter. They are all Art Gallery Fabrics and were selected around the main print which is Rambling Rose Briar from the Spirited Collection and designed by Sharon Holland. They are a mix of prints and Pure Solids.

Victoria will have a kit available in her shop Midlife Quilter to make this exact baby size version (it won’t include the backing, but you can find that something similar in her shop as well!)

There are so many great ways that you can change up the design to make the pattern your own. The last page of the pattern includes a few examples of different variations.

In my next blog post, I’m going to share the amazing quilts my testers made and show off all the clever additions and adaptations they came up with! A quilt pattern is truly nothing without it’s testers and my group were an absolute blessing! They came up with ideas that didn’t even cross my mind and I just can’t rave about them enough! So stay tuned to be inspired on how to make your own Sweetbriar Rose Quilt!

Thanks for reading!

The label of the baby size quilt