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Sweetbriar Rose Quilt Tester Parade!

Here’s the post you’ve all been waiting for! The chance to see all the AMAZING quilts that my testers made! This post is OVER-FLOWING with inspiration from variations and special spins they all put on their Sweetbriar Rose Quilts!

Before diving into the photos, I have to take a moment to truly thank my group of testers who all helped me make this pattern into such a delightful and fun experience! They helped me work out some important kinks and came up with so many great ideas that blew me away! Make sure to all give them a follow on Instagram and show some love for their amazing creations!

So without further ado, here are all the quilts in order of size!

Pillow Size

sunstitchedstudio's pillows

Carly made not one, but two ADORABLE Sweetbriar Rose pillows! The one on the right even has faux leather corners! I love that she used two of the same fabrics in both pillows but mixed up the colors for the snowball corners and the inner HSTs with the snowball corners. How amazing are these pillows, right?!

wildfernquilts' pillow

Kathy used a gorgeous collection of fabrics for her sweet little pillow! The best part? She matched the inside snowball corner fabric with the outside HST corners! Such a fun way to switch up the pattern and make the snowball corners around the inner diamonds just pop! Kathy also created a captivating quilting pattern around all of the snowball corners!

bayviewquilts's pillow

Claudia used such a captivating color palette for her Sweetbriar Rose quilted pillow! It’s so rich and bold. She also used a lovely quilting pattern to highlight and emphasize the diamond shape at the center.

crestviewquilts' pillow

Katie used a gorgeous and soothing group of fabrics for her quilted pillow. What I love most about her version is the mix of fabrics she used for the snowball corners! Adds a touch of scrappy but in a very sophisticated way. And how great does it match with that chair?! A perfect compliment!

milmiria's pillow

Tina created another fantastic quilted pillow with such a gorgeous color palette! She also mixed things up by matching the middle snowball corners with the outside HST corners. It really makes the middle stand out! I also love the quilting design that she used based on one of the designs in the WALK book by Jacquie Gering.

Baby Size

apeterson28's baby size quilt

April used some adorable fabric for her baby size quilt! The polka-dot fabric just adds such a fun pop of color!

bookendsquilting's baby size quilt

Steph choose an absolutely beautiful selection of solids for her baby size Sweetbriar Rose Quilt! The greens and blues are so soothing.

sew_sweetly's baby size quilt

Jenn’s use of prints just make this baby quilt so delightful! The mix of Dear Stella and Rifle Paper Co fabrics created just a gorgeous design. She will be gifting this to a friend’s new baby, and I must say that is one lucky babe!

leadugal's baby size quilt

Léa created an absolutely adorable baby quilt using a print from the new Forester collection by Art Gallery Fabrics (which is also used for the backing) as well as prints from Golden Hour by Alexia Abegg for Ruby Star Society. Mixed with a gold sparkle fabric and black snowball corners, this quilt is just gorgeous!

littlekateblankets' baby size quilt

Katelyn made a delightful, scrappy version for her baby size Sweetbriar Rose Quilt! The mix of fabrics for the snowball corners, not only within one block, but also mixed for all blocks, adds such a fun twist to the design! Her colors just pop and the quilting design brings it all together!

thequiltsmith's baby size quilt

Amanda used a soft, pastel color palette, with a mix of solids and prints, that is just so beautiful! It looks so calm and serene, especially against the snowy backdrop!

gypsymothquiltshop's baby size quilt

Mary’s quilt blew me away! She use some vintage and new Tilda fabric with Robert Kaufman linen for an absolutely beautiful drape. She also added two borders to frame the baby size that was such a smart idea!

Throw Size

simply.stitches.wi's throw size quilt

How cute is Jeanna’s sweet puppy model? Jeanna used a gorgeous mix of solid fabrics that make both designs of the pattern stand out so beautifully! She also added a think navy border that frames the throw size so well!

olliefabrics's throw size quilt

Katelyn used fabrics from Kismet Collection by Sharon Holland for Art Gallery Fabrics which worked so beautifully with this quilt design! Be sure to visit her Instagram page for some gorgeous close-ups of her finished quilt!

ktsews' throw size quilt

Kathy used a beautiful mix of prints and solids for her throw size. The floral fabric just pops and you have to look closely to see her snowball corners. She added some extra HSTs to make an outside border that continues the design and looks so gorgeous! I love everyone’s ingenuity with this design!

jenjenphil's throw size quilt

Jen’s throw size quilt is made with all solids in a gorgeous color palette of sienna, rust and grey! She will be using a beautiful black florals on white pattern for the backing and I can’t wait to see her finished quilt!

kitchenkidsandquilts' throw size quilt

Stephanie made the most wonderful, super scrappy version! I love all the colors and playfulness included in this quilt. She used a bundle of fat quarters and mixed and matched them through all the blocks! And what an incredible backdrop of mountains for this photo!

mrs.g_quiltingb's throw size quilt

Ashley’s version of the Sweetbriar Rose Quilt looks like it belongs in a Martha Stewart catalog! The soft color palette, and sweet floral fabric make this into such a gorgeous work of art! I can’t wait to see the finished version!

Twin Size

dedhamquiltco's twin size quilt

Jess made a truly captivating version of the twin size! She used batiks that show off both the primary and secondary designs of the pattern. I love how colorful and fun this quilt is!

amateurquiltinghour's twin size quilt

Shanan used a cascade of ombré light to dark snowball corners, from the upper left corner to the bottom right corner, of her twin size Sweetbriar Rose Quilt. Such a fun play on the design with an absolutely beautiful outcome!

shanniquilts' twin size quilt

Shannon’s twin size completely blew me away. She decided to frame the inner diamond design and didn’t use HSTs on the outside squares, and instead added snowball corners to white squares. This took the design to a whole other level! Plus the mix of the floral around the secondary design makes this so beautiful! I’d love to curl up under this quilt any day!

Thanks for reading!